Seasonal Menu 25th July - 8th September



8 Course


marcus ashton-simpson

seasonal menu July - Sept 2024


liver - onion



bread - butter

octopus - pickle - emmental

halibut - tom yum - tomato

tuna - aubergine - parmesan

plaice - seaweed - mussel

rabbit - carrot - pancetta
Suppliment £14

strawberry - elderflower - vanilla

raspberry - white chocolate - tarragon

Suppliment £12


we do not add a gratuity to your bill but leave any tips to your own discretion

all of our food is prepared in the professional kitchens here at the delicatessen
within the delicatessen we handle nuts and other allergens on a daily basis, while every precaution is taken we cannot guarantee the absence of cross contamination. Please ask staff for any allergy advice.

strictly over 18’s only - on the weekend of Fathers Day we will permit well behaved children over 12 years old who eat from the main menu